Journal of Violations : Eating a Meal-What did you learn by doing these violations?

The purpose of committing these violations is to observe the importance that our society has placed on nonverbal norms and speech acts. This importance does not translate in all cultures, which can lead to certain failures in intercultural communication. Consider what you expect of others in certain situations. What do they expect of you in the same situation? What happens when you mistakenly use the wrong nonverbal cues?

**Please do not put yourself–or anyone else–at risk during the pandemic. This assignment can still be done by maintaining social distancing. Also, this assignment works well with friends and family members.**


To experience the possible reaction to or treatment of those who violate these nonverbal norms and speech acts you will commit the following nonverbal violation.


Violation 1 – Eating a Meal

When you are eating a meal whether in public or at home with family or friends break the rules of etiquette. What is typically ok and acceptable nonverbal behavior when eating? What is unacceptable nonverbal behavior? You will do the unacceptable nonverbal behavior at 3 different meals and observe the reactions of the people around you and how you feel committing the violation.

After committing the violation a sufficient number of times (at least 3) to generate discussion, you will write at least 2-3 pages summarizing the general reaction to each of your violations. How did they react? How did it make you feel? Was it hard to do the violation due to habit? Could you commit the violation without laughing? Why do you think the people reacted the way they did? Use terms and ideas to help explain your thoughts and observations.


Give general background information

– What violation are you going to do?

– How did you feel before doing the violation?

– What did you expect to happen?

Body Paragraphs: (1 per person)

– Give specific information

– Who did you commit the violation with?

– What happened?

– How did they react?

– Why do you think they reacted this way?

– Use terms and ideas from class to explain


– Briefly summarize everything

– Final thoughts about the assignment

– What did you learn by doing these violations? (Always try and incorporate class terms and concepts in all of your analyses and explanations.)

– What did you learn by doing these violations?

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