Public Administration-Identify and analyze the important and specific policy or management issues/problems in the case

All recommendations, strategies, and tools need to show how to resolve the public management issue. Please adding more clarification/steps according to the recommendation in the paper.

  • Be specific address why this is the problem in the case study “To What End? Rethinking Terrorist Attack Exercises in San Jose” (please see attachment)
  • Explain in detail how each recommendation can solve the issues in the case
  • Identify and analyze the important and specific policy or management issues/problems in the case

Memo Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Issue 1: Conflict Between Local and Federal Agencies
    • Recommendation 1: Increasing Collaboration at All Levels
    • Recommendation 2: Resolve the “Fuzzy” Boundaries
    • Recommendation 3: Increasing Consistency, Efficiency, and Accountability
  • Issue 2: Lack of Communication Between Different Levels of Hierarchy
    • Recommendations 1: Streamline Communication and Fast Track Decision-Making
    • Recommendation 2:Utilize Technology Optimizing Communication
    • Recommendation 3: Develop Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA)
    • Recommendation 4: Establish Clear Chains of Command
  • Issue 3: Lack of Delegating Responsibility and Understanding Authority
    • Recommendation 1: Establish Authority
    • Recommendation 2: Established Situational Leadership
    • Recommendation 3: Creating Standardization Operation Procedures
    • Recommendation 4: Enhancing Organizational Culture, Avoid Conflicts of Interest
    • Recommendation 5:Acknowledge Different Organizational Cultures
    • Recommendation 6: Develop a Shared Mission and Goals
  • Conclusion

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