Research proposal on food insecurities

From the Graduate Nursing Handbook:

Chapter Three, Methods: Provide a thorough explanation of data collection and data analysis methods, with your rationale.  If applicable, include information on procurement and protection of subjects/participants as well as instrument source, use, and criteria for selection (e.g.: validity and reliability).

This chapter includes the design of the study with the rationale for the choice of design to address the research question. It includes all of the instruments you will use (remember that in qualitative studies this is the list of questions, probes, observational sheet etc.) For the instruments you will address reliability and validity if it is quantitative. In qualitative studies you will be addressing the parts of trustworthiness.  You will include specifics on how and where the data are being collected (interviews lasting not more than one hour at the patient’s home and tape recorded, online survey instruments distributed to nurses through their place of employment…).  You will include the sample characteristics and selection process (purposive in qualitative, convenience, random etc). You will include the data analysis plan. This will be moved to chapter four in the final version.  This will indicate the use of descriptive stats and inferential stats to address the research question or themes if qualitative.  Include protection of human subjects/participants.  Please refer to the rubric for the assignment

Recommended resources for food insecurities (I was given the option to choose food insecurities for unemployed or for the  older population):

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