What is the need that requires intervention?

PRNP2101 Semester 2 Assignment
The Learning Outcomes:
Keep these in mind at all times.
Make sure your work demonstrates that you have done this:
Apply psychophysiology, psychology and social processes to common adult health conditions and an understanding of adult ill-health;
Apply knowledge and understanding of the principles of assessment and care planning, to plan evidence-based care strategies for people with diverse physical, mental, cognitive health or social care needs, that support people to maintain optimal independence;
Evaluate the effectiveness of care strategies;
Critically appraise partnership and intra-agency working with the multidisciplinary team and service users in developing person-centred care plans.

You need to apply your knowledge and understanding of the principles of assessment to select three care needs. These should be person centred and show understanding of the person’s priorities.
Eg Pravin has a diabetic foot ulcer is NOT a care need. What is it about the foot ulcer that is affecting Pravin? What is the need that requires intervention?
For each care need identify 2 or 3 appropriate interventions
Use the care plan template provided to produce a plan of care. The plan should offer an evidence based rationale for each intervention. (LO1 LO4)

Produce an evidence-based report which further explores one of the planned interventions. This report should also consider the role of the wider health care team and the patient/service user in the provision of person-centred (personalised) care.

Read widely, use primary source academic/professional sources to support your work
Remember to use the Harvard Referencing system consistently; review the guidelines
Paraphrase, avoid direct quotes .Write information that you have read in your own words to demonstrate knowledge and understanding
Proof read work for spelling grammar, punctuation and flow of work.
Ensure learning outcomes are met and the assignment brief is addressed

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