You will create a dish representative of your ancestral culture

You will create a dish representative of your ancestral culture.  Having completed your 3 week nutrition project by now, I would prefer you make the recipe in as healthful a way possible.  Who knows you may like “shake and bake” chicken better than granny’s southern fried.  But the choice is up to you as to how to prepare it. You should attach the typed document (and upload a copy of it) with the following information: The point spread is listed next to the bullets below.
The name of the recipe (dish) 5 points
Where you got it and who made it (i.e., granny, dad, mom, you, an old family cookbook, the Google)
4 bullet points of interesting information about the culture represented. These must be referenced using APA format.  These should be interesting facts (more are welcome) that will help your fellow classmates be more culturally aware when they become RN’s. These can be facts about nutrition but not general facts. Facts like southerners eat fried food and fried food causes heart disease are not acceptable. An acceptable fact might be, in Judaism many do not use or eat meat products with dairy. Another custom is that in Judaism many do not use electricity or drive on the Sabbath, this too can affect nutrition).  I am sure you get the idea.  Do some digging and you will find something.

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