How do we stop the obesity epidemic? Provide at least 5 preventative measures.

HBO produced this series in association with The Centers for Disease Control What is obesity? How is obesity measured? Provide a background on the obesity epidemic as presented in this film and include when it started, risk factors, health outcomes associated with obesity, what is android fat?

How much does it cost annually to care for someone with obesity and what is the total healthcare cost? (towards the end of the film 1:03:04 stated by Dr. Thomas Frieden).

What are the 7 criteria for cardiovascular health? What is the Heart Study out of Bogalusa and what is the aim of the study? Provide 3 things that you learned or areas of impact of heart disease as a direct result of this film?

How do we stop the obesity epidemic? Provide at least 5 preventative measures.

Go find a story of an obese individual and share the background of their story. As an example, what happened to the elderly couple featured at the end of the series? Do you think the outcomes associated with obesity are easy for them to manage? Provide a picture that captures the essence of this story. It can be a picture of anything of your choosing, but it must be an embedded picture. If it is not obvious what the picture is in reference to, make sure you provide a caption.

What is the government’s role in the prevention of obesity? What is your impression of the material presented in the film? Is obesity affecting the employment pool of public safety such as police, fire, military, etc. Should we be concerned as a country about this? A penny for your thoughts…..

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