Assessing The Impact Of Information Technology Aided Customer Relationship Management On Business Performance At FBC Bank Ltd Zimbabwe

Assignment: Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus

So far during this course, you have proposed quantitative and qualitative studies. This assignment, however, will require you to develop major components of Section 1 of the Doctoral Study according to the DBA Doctoral Study Rubric standards.

To prepare for this Assignment, review page 5 in the DBA Doctoral Study Prospectus Guide, as well as Section 1.13 of the Doctoral Study Rubric and Research Handbook for details on the Significance of the Study. Consider the ramifications of your proposed study for both business practice and promoting positive social change.

Submit your Doctoral Study Prospectus draft, using the Doctoral Study Template, and include the following elements:

Problem Statement
Purpose Statement
Nature of the Study
Central Research Question and Interview Questions (qualitative) or Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (quantitative)
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
Significance of the Study
Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references
Please refer to the DBA Doctoral Study Prospectus Guide for more specific information about the length/requirements for each component in the Doctoral Study Prospectus.

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