How far did the Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms reflect a sign of great liberal progress?

This is a source essay, acting as a counterpart to an original context essay. The question is surrounding the liberal progress of the 1919 Montagu-Chelmsford reforms in India.

“The source essay is a counterpart to the context essay. In the context essay you are ensuring that your question has analytical coherence through your engagement with the historical scholarship. In the source essay you are evidencing the argument you intend to advance. An excellent source essay will discuss the author or witness, the date/timing, the audience and interpret the texts or sources chosen. It will then place each excerpt in its historical context, by citing secondary literature, and will note, where relevant, how historians have used the source, or explain the significance of the source if it has been overlooked. A source essay should make use of no more than 3 to 4 sources and be structured as a single piece of continuous prose.”

The sources need to be primary sources from the period, that can convey some insight to the liberal (or not) progress. One of them should likely be the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms.

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