Briefly summarize how your leadership development plan specifically prepares incoming employees in the selected leadership position for their role.

Leadership Context (2 pages)

Choose and describe a specific context and a leadership role within that context. For example, you could choose a well-known company and its CEO or a manager in that company, or you might choose a particular government agency and a leadership title within that agency.

Once you have chosen a particular leadership role within a company, agency, or other organization, you should provide some background on the company itself, its vision, and its organizational structure, as well as details regarding the title of the leadership role and his or her general duties and area of control.

Describe any relevant issues related to leadership effectiveness, ethical leadership, and the leader’s ability to perform well in the specific environment of his or her organization.
These issues should apply to any particular person who took the role because they are issues related to the company or organization and not the particular individual.
Part II: Leadership Skills (3 pages)

1. Identify 3-5 leadership skills that would be essential for the particular leader you selected and explain why each of these skills is necessary for that leadership position within the organization you selected.

Part III: Leadership Development Plan (3-4 pages)
Now you will create a leadership development plan based upon your findings from the previous sections. Participants in your program would include new employees entering that leadership role.

State 3-5 objectives that your leadership development program aims to achieve and how the program will achieve them. (E.g., leaders should be able to create a vision statement after completing this, etc.)

Determine two appropriate methods for developing each of the leadership skills you identified in step 3. You identified 3-5 leadership skills in step 3, so you must identify 610 methods for leadership development. Examples of methods include lectures, coaching, training exercises or activities, mentoring, on-the-job training, etc. Describe how and why each of these methods will contribute to the development of each of the associated leadership skills.

Explain how you would evaluate the success of those who participated in your leadership development plan.

Part IV: Summary (1 page)Briefly summarize how your leadership development plan specifically prepares incoming employees in the selected leadership position for their role

As part of your leadership plan, explain how you would take into account the traits and strengths that incoming leaders bring with them. How would you tailor your plan for your specific audience? What traits and strengths may make your leadership development plan more or less effective? Explain how the modifications you would make for individual traits and strengths will help individuals succeed.

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