Critically evaluate the extent to which the company (your client) demonstrates engagement with best practice of corporate governance in accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code and current best practice demonstrated/recognised by other companies.

It is a 1750 words business report required to follow harvard referencing style. Choice of company is TESCO. Word count strictly to be maintained. Marking grid and assignment brief will be attached in additional materials which is to be followed as well while writing the report.

There is no specific number of sources required. As much as can be used to cover up all the information required for this report. Executive Summary and Appendices is very important. This is a rewrite paper according to my university so previously submitted paper will also be added and the tutor’s feedback on it as well.

Make sure the writer reads every guiding material very carefully and understand what needs to be done exactly. Especially the tutors feedback and what he expects out of this report. past example papers also attached to provide extra guidance.





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