Draft a research Proposal

Maximum of 4 pages including graphs and images; must follow the specifications found in the instructions provided in the Ensure attached documents meet presentation standards section.)

All applicants, including those in the areas of applied research, research-creation, or knowledge translation, must provide a detailed description of their proposed research, addressing the following elements, as applicable:

The objectives of the proposed research program

The research questions and/or hypotheses the theoretical approach or framework

The position of the proposed research within the context of current knowledge in the field

The position of the proposed research within the context of ongoing work by the proposed supervisor
an explanation of the novelty and potential significance of the proposed research

The methodology (including timelines) and the rationale for choosing it

The outline of any plans for collaborationTthe role and impact of the applicant’s culture in knowledge production related to the proposed researchTthe roles and responsibilities of the applicant, the supervisor and/or other collaborators in the proposed research

The contribution that the research will make to the advancement of knowledge
any ethical considerations pertaining to the research

The plan to disseminate the findings and/or enhance the potential for impact

The rationale for selecting the proposed host institution and supervisor(s): clearly justify the choice, and highlight the anticipated benefits with respect to the applicant fulfilling their research goals and career aspirations; a discussion of other available options for host institutions should also be included, as appropriate.

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