What symptoms might have lead to the identification of a foodborne illness?

Outbreaks of foodborne illnesses occur frequently throughout the United States. The Centers for Disease Control are notified when outbreaks of many foodborne illnesses occur. For this assignment, assume you regularly write blogs for your peers and patients. This blog is about these outbreaks and the outcomes associated with them.

To complete this assignment:

Visit the CDC’s Foodborne Outbreaks page (Links to an external site.)using this link.
Select one of the Recent Outbreak Investigations related to food consumption.
In your Blog, include the following:

What organism caused the outbreak?
What happened?
What food was contaminated?
How was the food contaminated?
If this information is included in the report, share how the source of contamination relates to the identified organism.
If the report does not include the information, suggest one way the contamination could have happened based on the organism involved.
In either case, support your response using an external source.
Who was affected by the incident?
How were they exposed to the organism? (if not stated, share your opinion of how they might have been exposed)
How many people reported symptoms?
What symptoms might have lead to the identification of a foodborne illness?
Share your advice, based on at least one source, of how your blog followers can
Avoid the exposure to the organism that caused the outbreak
Identify symptoms associated with the exposure.
Your Blog (which you will submit as a word document) should:

Be visually appealing
Optionally include images and/or videos
images should be inserted directly into the document
videos can be shared with a link
Include references for all included pictures and videos

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