Describe different types of cybermalls and shopping consortiums.

A. Short Answer Questions
Answer the following short answer questions (1 paragraph each)

1. Describe different types of cybermalls and shopping consortiums.

2. What comprises a good e-commerce Web site?

3. Discuss why transaction processing systems cannot have downtime.

4. Discuss different types of MIS reports. Who typically uses each report and why?

5. Discuss some uses of DSSs in modern organizations.

B. Project
Choose one (1) of the following projects and write a 2 page paper.

Project A
Suppose that you are planning to build an e-commerce Web site. First, you should decide whether it will be a B2B, B2C, or C2C e-commerce Web site. Then, using the Internet, determine the technical infrastructure that you will need to build the site. Choose specific hardware components, software components, and electronic payment systems that you will use for your business and explain your reasoning for choosing those products or services in a 2 page paper.

Project B
Use the Internet to find information on two DSS software products specifically developed for a field of your choice. Prepare a 2 page report comparing the two products based on functionalities, difficulty/easy of use, and cost. If demos are available for the products, include screen shots of the demos in your report.

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