Explain how sustainability principles are demonstrated by management and encouraged throughout the organization.

CO2: Assess the main motivations for engagement in sustainable business practices
CO7 : Compare the relationship between technology and innovation in sustainable business
CO8 : Develop a plan to address the political, regulatory, or technological environments that impact organizations’ supply chain sustainability and strategies

Prompt: Review the case entitled “Chapter 13 Case: Strategic Mission-Driven Sustainable Business: “Stonyfield Yogurt” in the Sustainable Business Case Book. Analyze the case responding to the following questions:

List three to five main contributing factors in Stonyfield’s success. Discuss how these factors led to Stonyfield’s success. What, if any, specific aspects of Stonyfield’s contributing factors, sustainability mission, strategies, and approaches have the greatest potential for transferability to other businesses?

Throughout the case there are several examples where a sustainability action has positive and negative implications. Discuss the powdered milk and PLA cup decisions in terms of features and benefits.

Are Gary Hirshberg’s “hard-headed” conclusions little more than moral platitudes or are they really hard-earned, practical, positive (e.g., what is), and normative (e.g., what should be) lessons on how to globally scale sustainable products benefit of the plant, people, and profits? Find two or three examples of how other companies have applied Hirshberg’s conclusions on a global scale to benefit the planet.

Corporations are important elements of the communities in which they operate. As a corporate citizen, an organization should be moved to interact with and contribute to its local, regional, national, and global communities, especially as related to environmental, health, and business issues.

Describe Stonyfield’s resulting corporate partnerships. Note operational strategies, tools, or methods used to foster corporate citizenship within the local and extended corporate community.

Explain how sustainability principles are demonstrated by management and encouraged throughout the organization.


Label your Word document as follows: yourlastname.doc (ex: Johnson.docx)

Use the attached, APA Word Document, template provided.

Essay format; not bullet format.

Minimum 5 full pages of content (Word Document) of strategic material (does not include cover page, abstract, nor reference pages).

All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content)

Make sure you use credible and reliable resources–5 minimum (2 peer-reviewed); format in APA.

Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%)

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