General aviation accidents related to exceedance of airplane weight/center of gravity limits.Discuss

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Title page

An Abstract

A Brief Introduction.

Be sure to clearly state why the data analysis you performed is important to the aerospace/aviation/industry community. What could be learned from your analysis that could improve understanding, safety, etc.? Summarize this section within 2 – 3 paragraphs.

A Brief Literature Review.
Collect a minimum of four (4) references on the subject related to your data. For example, if you analyzed accident data, search for research articles related to the types of accidents you analyzed. References should be from scholarly journals. If you cannot find articles related to your data, consult with the course instructor. Discuss each paper and how it relates to your data analysis. What have researchers found in the subject area? What conclusions did they make? How might this relate to your current analysis? Summarize this section within 2 – 3 pages.

Review Methods you used
What method of inquiry did you use? What data did you use? Where/how did you collect it? How did you process the data? What statistical test did you use? Why did you use it? How did you ensure the data met the assumptions of the test? Discuss sample size and power. Summarize this section within 2 – 3 paragraphs.

Discuss what you found. What were the results of your statistical analysis (note: DO NOT include this in the review of methods’ section)? Were the findings significant or not? What post-test or additional tests did you conduct (if applicable)? Summarize this section within 2 – 3 paragraphs.

Discuss how your findings relate to previous research. Are your findings different? The same? This is where you can make comments about how your findings can improve understanding of the subject. It is important to synthesize your findings and the materials you found in the literature review. What are the implications of your findings? Summarize this section at a minimum of 1 page.

Provide all charts and graphs. Be sure to label in APA format. You should refer to these within the body of the document (above sections).

Reference list
List all references in APA format. Don’t forget to include APA formatted in-text citations throughout the document.

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