How are Tuckman’s phases of group development (Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing-Adjourning) displayed in the work place?

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The purpose of the unit discussions is two-fold. First, the discussions demonstrate your understanding of the content covered in the readings and media, and they help you apply the content to real-world situations. Second, the discussions help you engage with your classmates in intelligent academic conversation about course topics.

Thoroughly respond to the discussion prompt that has been provided. Your response should have an explicit thesis or specific point(s) that you are making that is/are clearly articulated (in contrast to a stream of consciousness, personal format), and it should explicitly connect to the readings and media of the week. Many of the prompts are multifaceted: Be sure to address all of the aspects of the prompts.

Your initial post should be 300-350 words, using complete sentences and proper syntax, spelling, and grammar.

Preparation for posting: Using the Internet and your personal knowledge of the topic, locate one to two articles or other professional, credible sources that address the weekly topic. Although you can use the textbook and the other sources provided by the instructor in your post, if you do so, you need to also

include one additional source.

Initial Post Discussion Prompt (due by Thursday, 11:59 pm ET): Please be sure to analyze and synthesize information. Be sure to cite your sources.

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