How does your pre and post workout diet match up to recommendations. Is it appropriate for the type of training?

Final Project
For this project you will need to keep a food journal (enter everything you eat/drink) for 3 days. Also keep track of your daily activity or any exercise you complete. You will make an account on nutrition calc and input both activity and food intake into the online program and analyze your diet including:

* BMI, basal metabolic rate, and total daily energy expenditure (based on activity level). The program will not do this for you….need to find a calc online to use.

* Actual vs Recommended daily caloric intake- are you over or under your caloric requirements?

* Breakdown of percentage of diet daily from macronutrients and amount of micronutrients (cholesterol, fiber, and sodium). Compare your actual intake with the recommended intakes listed in the textbook.

*Ways to improve your dietary intake (if applicable) -> are you lacking anything? Be specific with regard to foods to move closer toward recommended levels of micro/macro nutrients. Should you be exercising more? At the current trend would you be on track to gain, lose, or maintain your weight (based on current daily expenditure and intake calculations)? if you wanted to lose weight how would you change your diet? If you wanted to gain weight how many more calories/meals should you be eating?

* Comments with regard to macronutrient breakdown. Are you close to the general standard of 60% CHO, 25% Pro, and 10-15% Fats? Are you taking in any trans fats? What about Omega 3 and 6? How could you modify your intakes to meet the daily recommendations of macro/micronutrients. Specifically, which foods should you add or subtract? If you are already there, what about how to change your diet to reflect more of an active lifestyle?

* How does your pre and post workout diet match up to recommendations. Is it appropriate for the type of training? i.e. endurance, power, etc.

* Do you or your family have a history of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc that may influence your diet in any way? If you are more predisposed to any of these disease states how would you change your diet to minimize your risk of becoming diagnosed?

* Finally, anything that you really learned about yourself/diet through this product. Did anything surprise you?

I am 142 pounds and 5 feet. I eat egg whites in the morning and avocado or bananas with coffee. lunch I have a salad or leftovers. dinner I usually have coffee and chicken or steak with veggies or pasta. I do regular activities such as running or walking every day.

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