Analyze how corporate governance issues affect shareholder wealth.

Since the purpose of this type of analysis is to share your findings, your final assignment is to prepare an executive summary of your research, results, and recommendations as if you were presenting them to your client firm. This summary should be created for distribution in two formats—in writing and presentation.

The written summary should be between 15 pages in length. Keep in mind that a good consultant supports his or her work with relevant and current sources. Your project should do so as well. Cite all references following current APA writing guidelines.

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
1 Conduct research on a particular company regarding corporate governance issues.
2 Analyze how corporate governance issues affect shareholder wealth.
3 Analyze corporate investment and financing decisions and their effects on the firm’s value.
4 Evaluate corporate dividend policies that affect wealth creation.
5 Assess the impact on the value of a firm through a merger or acquisition.
6.Clearly and effectively communicate the financial analysis in a well-organized, well-formatted PowerPoint presentation.

Font and font size: Arial, 12 point for the paper

Considerations for preparing a professional PowerPoint presentation:

-Consider the audience and objective. If you are presenting a financial report, stick to the facts. If it’s a company picnic recap, you can have some fun. Remember that your presentation is a reflection on you and your professionalism.
-Use a consistent design throughout the presentation. An easy way to do this is to use one of the templates provided.
-When applicable, enhance text-only slide content by developing relevant images for your presentation.
-Use consistent horizontal and vertical alignment of slide elements throughout the presentation, leaving plenty of space around images and text.
-Use bullets unless showing rank or sequence of items.
-Use simple tables to show numbers, with no more than 4 rows X 4 columns. Reserve more detailed tables for the written summary.
-Use sans serif fonts such as Arial or Verdana and use no smaller than 28 points.
-Use no more than 5 bullet points and 8 lines of text total per slide.
-Use animations only when needed to enhance meaning. If used, use them sparingly and consistently.

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