As the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO),   develop an implementation plan for rolling out your proposed strategy.

Week 7 Assignment: Business Proposal Implementation Plan

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has approved your proposed total rewards strategy (the one you proposed in Week 6) concerning the revamping of the organizations domestic and global employee benefits program.
As the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO),   develop an implementation plan for rolling out your proposed strategy. The report must provide sufficient detail concerning the steps for implementing your total rewards strategy, including a communication plan, a Total Rewards Statement, an enrollment forum and process, and thoughtful description of the resources and stakeholders involved in the implementation of the strategy.
• The business plan must be constructed in such a manner as to reflect critical analysis and be written at a professional level.
• The length of the report must be at least five (5) pages and not to exceed ten (10) pages using double spacing, 12pt Times New Roman font.
• You are expected to adhere to academic integrity and provide appropriate authorial attribution.
• Your Company is : Live Nation Entertainment
• Utilize your Week 6 Memorandum Business Proposal to now complete this weeks assignment which is to complete the Business Proposal Implementation Plan
• This is NOT an APA formatted paper. This is a business report. Sources must be identified through footnotes in the memorandum. Attach a separate sources list corresponding to your footnotes. The source list page is not included in the length requirements for the assignment.
• See your syllabus for Business Report rubric details.
• Utilize your week 6 paper (memorandum) which was your Business Proposal for this assignment. In this assignment you are now to construct your Business Proposal Implementation Plan. Utilize your Week 6 Memorandum along with the critiques you received on your Week 6 Memorandum, to ensure this assignment not only meets the objective, but also takes into account the changes/comments that you received on the Week 6 Memorandum assignment. Your comments for that assignment are listed below in RED. Review the comments below, and if needed, make sure you account for any issues your Week 6 Memorandum had, so that this paper does not have the same issues your Week 6 Memorandum had.
• Your Comments for the Week 6 Memorandum:
• The assignment was to review the reward strategy. The paper spent significant amount of effort discussing monetary rewards. Performance based pay is important. Would have liked to see more emphasis on the area of items like stock options. Additonally, paper discussed need for communication. That is an essential to business and not a reward. There was no real reference to budget. How much money would it cost the company to put in a stock option program. You scored an 88/100
Students have creative flexibility on the construction of the report. It is expected that students develop a deliverable which is professional and acceptable for submission to a CEO.

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