Identify the relevant jurisdiction in which the claim is brought.

See Scenario Below:

Bill and his family are visiting Sydney for the weekend. They live in
Victoria and decide to have a week away during the summer holidays. They stay at the Shangri-La Hotel and as part of their package, receive a buffet lunch each day. On their second day at the hotel, Bill slipped on some grapes that were on the floor near the lunch buffet. As a result of the slip, Bill broke his ankle and was required to undergo surgery. He was off work for a period of 2 months and was unable to earn an income. Bill is suing for the total sum of $150,000. At the time of the fall, Bill reported the incident to the banquet manager who indicated they were not sure how long the grapes had been on the floor before the slip

The incident report also noted Bill had consumed a number of glasses of wine before the slip.

Representing Bill as the plaintiff and the Shangri-La Hotel as the defendant, you are to make arguments to the Court as to who is liable in negligence for Bill’s injuries.

You should argue the case referring to the relevant legislation and any case law. You should also identify the relevant jurisdiction in which the claim is brought.

– Only the Case Facts and the Conlusion (tort law, Contributory Negligence, plaintiff was intoxicated).

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