Where did you begin, where are you now, and where do you go from here?

Over the course of this term, you have done the challenging work of not only learning ethics and ethical decision-making, but you have also had to reflect and learn more about yourself and your decision-making. The calling you have answered, to help the hurting and those in need, requires you to be able to make the best decisions that you can for your clients. This requires a self-awareness and an ability to understand why you make the decisions that you tend to make.

This week’s discussion board is all about you. Take a moment to reflect and write not only about what you’ve learned this term, but also write about what challenged you. Was there a particular scenario that triggered something from your past? Did you realize that making certain types of decisions may be harder for you than other types of decision? Perhaps you have become aware of some unfinished business from your past that surfaced. Keep in mind, you no not need to share details or go beyond where you feel safe. Share what you can, and what you feel is safe and appropriate.

Take this opportunity to reflect on this process. Where did you begin, where are you now, and where do you go from here? Your post should reflect your ability to self-analyze and understand yourself as well as identify areas a growth needed.

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