Earth Science in a National Park.Discuss

Below is the assignment based on the attached document.

Prepare a detailed outline for your final paper. The outline should have six major sections:

Section 1: Begin this section with your introduction, which must include a thesis statement (the central argument, or main point, of your paper).

Sections 2-5: These sections should cover the four topic areas specified in the assignment instructions, in whichever order you choose to cover them; and 6)

Section 6: Your outline should end with the conclusion, summarizing the key points and re-stating the thesis.
Your outline should meet the following requirements:

2-3 pages in length (not counting your references)

8 credible outside sources. These sources should be cited within the outline where you plan to use them.

Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.)
You are welcome to include visual elements; however, they also will not count toward the minimum length. The outline content does not have to be in complete sentences but should be sufficiently clear for the reader to understand easily.

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