Write an essay on the financial institution: HSBC Bank (HSBC).

You are to research and write an essay on the financial institution: HSBC Bank (HSBC).
• Using secondary data provided in this brief and secondary data that you must compile, you are to create
your own (single) question that you must then answer: The Research Question (RQ);
• The essay should cover a brief description of the bank, its current activities and how it has approached its
international strategy. The essay should then focus on one aspect of its current business activity and how
that part of its overall strategy is likely to change in the near future;
• You are free to choose any aspect HSBC’s business activities but the focus must include their mode of
• Taken from theory taught in this course, you are to analysis the data in order to best answer your RQ.
• One key theory to be used is the Uppsala Internationalisation Model*.

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