Explain, in a nutshell, why you found it interesting.

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Great lines come in all shapes and sizes, and we all have our favorite movie lines, sayings from our parents and family, short stories, poems, and plays likewise offer a variety of perspectives, ideas, and points of view.

This blog is an attempt to provide a low–stress opportunity to discuss the readings we have examined thus far.

Please select a line or quote from one of the readings, and offer an opinion. Explain, in a nutshell, why you found it interesting. For example, Mark Twain wrote in his book Puddin’head Wilson, “When angry, count four; when very angry, swear.

” I enjoy this quote because it is funny, and because it offers a bit of wisdom about human nature as well. The first sentence of “Killings” and the last sentences of “A Rose for Emily,” and “Sorrowful Woman” are hard for me to forget as well. So…

List a quote, explain it briefly, and offer your point of view.

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