Describe the impact of COVID-19 on outdoor education.

Assessment task 3: Essay Students will submit a 1.600-word essay on ONL of the following stimulus topics:

The impact of COVID-19 on outdoor education.

How outdoor education can promote personal growth.

How outdoor education can be used to address behavioural issues.

Due date:

Weighting: 40% Length and/or/format: 1.600-word essay.


To appreciate the contribution of the outdoor experience in the development of human potential and in working towards holistic health.

Assessment criteria:

Clear outline of topic with an essay title and clear introduction

• Demonstrated knowledge of concepts and philosophical approaches to outdoor education

• Critical discussion of benefits or challenges of outdoor education in relation to chosen topic

• Identify and acknowledge the policies and policy documents that affect and impact upon outdoor education

• Demonstration of research and synthesis skills

• Utilisation of specific examples relating this information to the school context

• Adhere to APA referencing

• Grammar and Punctuation

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