Develop a strategy that assists those in your community who have substance abuse issues or are on probation to keep them from re-offending.

Topic: Situational crime prevention

Paper details:

As a police chief, develop a presentation of 7 to 8 slides showing the crime prevention models of primary, secondary and tertiary types as contained in the article, Situational Crime Prevention as a Key Component in Embedded Crime Prevention on page 274.

Design a crime prevention strategy using the three types of prevention techniques to address an increase in property crimes in your community.

For example, would you assign extra patrols to the area, inform residents to leave outside property lights on at night, or to lock their cars?

Think of ways to make it more difficult for criminals to commit property crimes (target hardening).

Keep in mind the following criteria will be used to evaluate your assignment:

A title slide with your name on it (1 slide)

Describe the purpose of your presentation (1 slide)

Briefly explain primary, secondary and tertiary types of crime prevention (1 – 2 slides per type)

Discuss advice you would give to residents to prevent property crimes using situational crime prevention such as locking doors, installing lights around property, burglar alarms (1 slide).

Outline strategies using secondary prevention such as after-school programs or recreational programs for teens in the community to keep them occupied and safe (1 slide)
Develop a strategy that assists those in your community who have substance abuse issues or are on probation to keep them from re-offending.

For example, provide treatment, counseling or social services (1 slide)

A reference slide showing the sources you used in APA format (1 slide)

The presentation shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of situational crime prevention
The presentation has an adequate selection of current, scholarly sources relevant to situational crime prevention

Primary Prevention – trying to prevent yourself from getting a disease. Secondary Prevention – trying to detect a disease early and prevent it from getting worse. Tertiary Prevention – trying to improve your quality of life and reduce the symptoms of a disease you already have.

Primary prevention involves measures focused on improving the general well-being of individuals, secondary prevention focuses on intervening with children and youth who are at risk for becoming offenders or victims, and tertiary prevention involves measures directed toward those who have already been involved with.

Developmental and situational approaches to crime prevention


PowerPoint & APA: citing sources and creating reference lists in PPT presentations

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