What facilitates effective online collaboration and innovation? Discuss

What facilitates effective online collaboration and innovation?

1.You should illustrate your answer with discussion of at least two of the nine examples from Module

2. You should also use one or more of the theories of online collaboration and innovation.

Case studies to be used:

1.Arazy, Ofer, Morgan, Wayne and Patterson, Raymond, (2007). Wisdom of the Crowds: Decentralized Knowledge Construction in Wikipedia. 16th Annual Workshop on Information Technologies & Systems (WITS) Paper, December 8.

2.Abedin, B., & Babar, A. (2017). Institutional vs. Non-institutional use of Social Media during Emergency Response: A Case of Twitter in 2014 Australian Bush Fire. Information Systems Frontiers, 20(4), 729-740. doi: 10.1007/s10796-017-9789-4

Theories to be used:

1.Blau, Ina (2011). E-Collaboration Within, Between, and Without Institutions: Towards Better Functioning of Online Groups Through Networks. International Journal of e-Collaboration, 7(4) October-December.

2. Castells, M. (2007). Communications, Power and Counter-power in the Network Society. International Journal of Communications. 1, 238-366. http://ijoc.org/index.php/ijoc/article/view/46

Assignment Requirements:

This question brings together the theories explored in the unit so far with the research we have conducted together in Module 2. There are many thesis statements you could formulate to answer the question well.

For instance, you may focus on technical features and design, social structures and conditions that effect participation, or theories of motivation.

You should approach this essay like a research project: select your case studies/examples to research further, take notes, plan your argument, and refine your thesis statement in response to the research as you start to draft your essay.

You should make good use of some of the research material collected for Assignment 1, the required readings from Module 1, and carefully construct an argument drawing on these resources.

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