Appeal for Retroactive Withdrawal from NUR 202: Overcoming Challenges and Improving Academic Standing

I request a retroactive withdrawal from NUR 202, Summer semester, 2022 year.

In crafting this appeal, I want to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges I faced during the course and the reasons behind my request for a retroactive withdrawal. My performance in NUR 202 was notably different from my other classes, and I believe it’s essential to shed light on these factors.

During the Summer semester of 2022, I enrolled in NUR 202, a class that included math for drug dosage calculations. It is with a heavy heart that I must admit my deficiency in mathematics. I have always found math to be my academic Achilles’ heel, and this class was no exception. The course content heavily relied on mathematical calculations for drug dosages, an area where I have historically struggled. As much as I tried to grasp the concepts, the mathematical intricacies seemed to escape me, resulting in frustration and confusion.

One significant contributing factor to my struggle with math is my testing anxiety. I noticed that whenever mathematical problems were involved, particularly during exams, I would experience heightened anxiety and a mental block. This anxiety manifested as a racing heart, sweaty palms, and an inability to concentrate, making it challenging for me to recall even the most basic equations and formulas. Despite comprehending the material during professor’s office hours, group study sessions, and self-study, this anxiety overwhelmed me during tests, ultimately affecting my performance.

I want to emphasize that my difficulties in NUR 202 were in stark contrast to my performance in other classes during the same semester. For instance, in my other courses, I excelled and demonstrated a strong grasp of the subject matter. This is indicative of my dedication to my studies and my willingness to put in the effort required to succeed. The disparity in my performance between NUR 202 and my other classes underscores the fact that my struggles were unique to the mathematical components of the course.

The impact of my performance in NUR 202 has been significant, particularly on my GPA. With this course factored into my academic record, my GPA has taken a hit. As a student aspiring to qualify for scholarships and financial aid, maintaining a competitive GPA is of paramount importance. The inclusion of this class in my transcript has the potential to hinder my academic progress and my ability to secure the necessary financial support for my college education.

By appealing for a retroactive withdrawal from NUR 202, I am seeking the opportunity to rectify the challenges I faced during that semester. Removing this course from my transcript would allow my GPA to better reflect my true academic capabilities and achievements. I am committed to my education and am determined to continue excelling in my studies, as evidenced by my performance in other courses. With this course removed from my academic record, I believe I will be better positioned to achieve my academic and professional goals.

I sincerely hope that the Student Board will consider my appeal and the extenuating circumstances that affected my performance in NUR 202. I am dedicated to learning, growing, and making the most of my educational opportunities, and I believe that granting me a retroactive withdrawal from this course will pave the way for my continued success.

Thank you for taking the time to review my appeal.

[Your Name]

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