Effective Melanoma Brain Metastases Treatment Modalities: A Comparative Analysis of ICI Combination Therapy, ICI Radiotherapy, and ICI Monotherapy

Meta Description

Explore the scholar’s research findings on the effectiveness of ICI combination therapy, ICI combined with radiotherapy, and ICI monotherapy in treating melanoma brain metastases. Learn about the order of presentation and the use of visual aids in summarizing the results.

Heading: Scholar’s Findings on Melanoma Brain Metastases Treatment


In this study, the scholar conducted an extensive analysis of eleven studies with 14 cohorts to compare the efficacy of different treatment modalities for melanoma brain metastases. The three main approaches studied were ICI combination therapy, ICI combined with radiotherapy, and ICI monotherapy.

Presentation of Findings: The scholar presented the findings in a logical order, from highest to lowest, to illustrate the percentage of effectiveness for each treatment option. The results revealed that ICI combination therapy and ICI combined with radiotherapy demonstrated higher local efficacy when compared to ICI monotherapy in patients with melanoma brain metastases.

Visual Representation: The scholar utilized tables as a visual aid to summarize the key findings effectively. These tables provided a clear overview of the various treatment modalities and their corresponding outcomes, enabling better comprehension of the results.

Study Design: The researcher adopted a retrospective design for six of the eleven studies, while the remaining five were phase II clinical trials. Six of the studies were conducted as multicenter studies, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive analysis.


The scholar’s research sheds light on the comparative effectiveness of different treatment approaches for melanoma brain metastases. While ICI combination therapy and ICI combined with radiotherapy showed promising results, it’s essential to consider the higher grade 3 or 4 adverse event rate associated with ICI combination therapy. Further research and clinical trials may help refine treatment strategies for improved patient outcomes.

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