Exploring Power Dynamics and Leadership in the Nursing Practicum Setting

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Journaling serves as a valuable tool for capturing, reflecting upon, and reviewing the learning experiences encountered during the nursing practicum. It allows for the recognition of connections between activities, interactions, and outcomes, offering insights into the intricate dynamics of leadership in healthcare. This journal entry provides an overview of observations, reflections, and insights related to power dynamics, leadership styles, and the preparation for a practicum project.

Practicum Activities Reflection

During the initial weeks of the practicum, I have been immersed in a dynamic healthcare environment that showcases various power dynamics at play. The interactions between healthcare professionals, including nurses, physicians, and administrators, highlight the influence that individuals wield based on their positions and roles. In the context of nursing, power becomes evident in the collaboration and decision-making processes, where senior nurses guide and mentor junior nurses in patient care. I have observed how power dynamics impact communication, teamwork, and patient outcomes, emphasizing the importance of balanced power distribution for effective leadership (Wong et al., 2013).

Application of Leadership

Witnessing my preceptor’s leadership style has been enlightening, as I see the integration of professional responsibility, authenticity, integrity, and emotional intelligence. My preceptor consistently displays professionalism by exemplifying ethical conduct and taking ownership of her decisions. This approach resonates with the concept of transformational leadership, where leaders inspire and empower their teams through ethical behavior and genuine care. Moreover, her emotional intelligence shines through as she navigates complex situations with empathy and understanding, fostering a collaborative atmosphere (Clark & Springer, 2020).

Practicum Project Preparation

My practicum project idea centers around enhancing communication and collaboration among the nursing staff to improve patient outcomes. This project aligns with my career goal of becoming a nurse leader who facilitates positive change within healthcare systems. Through this project, I aim to refine my communication and organizational skills while also gaining insights into the complexities of leading teams toward a shared goal. This will contribute to my ability to influence change and positively impact patient care, a crucial aspect of nurse leadership.

Leadership Video Reflection

The “Servant Leadership – Issue of Power” video underscored the significance of using power in a servant leadership context. One key takeaway is that servant leaders prioritize the needs of others over their own, using their power to serve the greater good. This approach resonates with the principle of ethical leadership, emphasizing the responsible and compassionate use of power to benefit the team and the organization. Additionally, the video emphasized the role of humility in effective leadership, highlighting that true power is derived from a willingness to listen, learn, and collaborate.


Journaling provides a platform to explore and analyze the intricate interplay of power dynamics and leadership in the nursing practicum setting. Through observations of power relationships, insights into leadership styles, and reflections on project ideas, the journal serves as a repository of growth and learning. As I continue this journey, I look forward to further examining power dynamics, refining leadership skills, and contributing to the advancement of patient care through my practicum project.


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