Mysterious Swine Unit Incident Shakes Pierce College Campus


In an unexpected turn of events on the morning of January 13, a peculiar incident occurred on the premises of Pierce College, as reported by Deputy Steve Steggler from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s station located on campus. The incident unfolded at the Swine Unit, an area dedicated to animal husbandry. Steggler’s account, penned on January 12, details a scene involving two men, flashing lights, and pigs. The scenario has left the college community in disbelief, prompting questions about the individuals involved and their motivations.

According to Deputy Steggler’s report, at 4 a.m., he encountered flashing lights near the Swine Unit while patrolling the campus. Joined by Officer Peter Patter, they investigated the source of the lights and stumbled upon two men chasing pigs within the Swine Unit. As the officers approached, they instructed the men to raise their hands and turn off their flashlights. A tense standoff ensued, during which one of the men managed to escape despite warning shots fired over his head. The other, identified as 19-year-old Pierce agriculture student William Wart, was apprehended at the scene.

The situation took a bizarre twist as details emerged. William Wart claimed that the escaped individual was his roommate, 18-year-old Tod Terror, also a student at Pierce College. The incident led to the discovery of a 1994 red Ford pickup truck within the Swine Unit, containing three pigs in its camper shell. The truck was registered to Tod Terror, and both individuals resided in Woodland Hills, with Wart’s residence specified as 19032 Roseville Road.

Mick Sears, chair of the agriculture department, expressed astonishment at the incident. He stated, “Yes, Wart and Terror are ag majors here. They told me they want to start a farm together. But I am certain this is just some kind of a misunderstanding.” The chair’s reaction reflects the disbelief and confusion prevalent among the college’s staff and students.

In response to the unfolding situation, the LAPD’s West Valley Division has launched a search for Tod Terror, who remains at large. Meanwhile, William Wart is in custody, with bail set at $5,000. A preliminary hearing for Wart is scheduled for January 15, a date that holds potential for further revelations in this baffling Swine Unit incident.


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