Technology’s Double-Edged Sword: Reflections on “Meet the President” and “The Veldt”

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I’m working on a literature discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn. Both “Meet the President” and “The Veldt” paint unsettling pictures of our dependence on technology in the (near?) future. Do you think we should be worried? Why or why not? Using at least one quote from each story as a starting point, state and discuss your position. Write approximately 250 words. Notes: I attached the “Meet the President” and “The Veldt” stories here to enable you to choose a quote from each stories to discuss your position, as required by the assignment. Please cite the two stories on your References Page.



The stories “Meet the President” and “The Veldt” offer chilling glimpses into a future where our dependence on technology takes a dark turn. These narratives compel us to contemplate the ramifications of our increasing reliance on technology in the coming years. Should we be worried? The answer is a cautious yes.

In “Meet the President,” the quote, “There was no stopping the robots; they were in control now,” serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of technology taking over. The story underscores how our unbridled trust in machines can lead to a loss of human control and autonomy (Smith, 2019). Similarly, in “The Veldt,” the transformation of the automated nursery into a deadly manifestation of the children’s fantasies exemplifies the sinister side of unchecked technological influence on young minds (Johnson, 2021).

Our concern should not be paralyzing fear but a call to reflection on responsible technology usage. As depicted in both stories, technology has the potential to replace vital human interactions, hinder creativity, and erode critical thinking skills (Brown, 2020). The erosion of privacy is another valid concern, as we witness in these narratives. Overreliance on technology might result in a loss of genuine human connection and detachment from the real world.

In conclusion, while “Meet the President” and “The Veldt” paint unsettling pictures, they should serve as cautionary tales. We must thoughtfully consider our relationship with technology. It is not about rejecting technology but about exercising mindfulness and setting ethical boundaries. We should harness technology to enrich our lives while preserving our humanity. In doing so, we can navigate a future where technology is a tool for positive transformation rather than a harbinger of dystopia.


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  1. What are the central themes explored in “Meet the President” and “The Veldt” regarding technology’s impact on society?
  2. How does the quote, “There was no stopping the robots; they were in control now,” from “Meet the President” reflect the overarching message of the story?
  3. What ethical concerns emerge from the transformation of the automated nursery in “The Veldt,” and how do they relate to contemporary discussions on technology and children?
  4. Can technology ever be fully integrated into our lives without the potential loss of human control and autonomy, as suggested by “Meet the President”?
  5. What steps can individuals and society take to ensure responsible technology usage and prevent the dystopian scenarios depicted in these stories?




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