`Explain what this has to do with what you are learning. Photos/Videos must be taken physically by you within the past day or two. Be in the moment, don’t script this, and don’t just sit there planning out a “History Matters.” It should be organic and spontaneous.

DISCUSSION PUBLIC ART MONUMENTS/NEA/ PUBLIC ART 1) Discuss the role of the NEA in public art. While the government does not fund many public artworks, the government agency of the NEA does select and provide funds for some artists, museums, artist groups, as well as programs in music and art for children in economically challenged […]

Develop a creative project that demonstrates your knowledge of what’s up and coming in your specialization industry that focuses on your selected inspiration above.

Understanding Throughout this module you learned the significance of Information Literacy to the design field and how to leverage this skill as a designer. In this week’s discussion post you also need to research and understand the importance of visual design trends like color, typography and layout for communicating with a specific audience. Now it […]

Describe the subject matter to give the reader an overview of the artwork.

Write a 3 page paper using the interpretive sentence as your thesis statement. Paper Content Outline: Introductory paragraph with title, artist and interpretation. Describe the subject matter to give the reader an overview of the artwork. 3 or 4 paragraphs explaining your proofs – how the Elements of Art and/or the Principles of Design helped […]

What kinds of resolutions or concessions to public opinion were made in relation to the artwork after the work was selected? You may need to do some research on the net to find out more about this. Would you have voted to have the work you are discussing placed into the “public arena”?

HISTORY 042 Choose one work from the list below of public artworks 1) Richard Serra, Tilted Arc 2) Maya LIn’s Vietnam War Memorial 3) Guillermo Gomez Pina and Coco Fusco’s, Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit London, May 1992. or Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Roberto Sifuentes, The Cruci-fiction Project, or The Temple of Confessions, 1994. 5) Krzystof Wodiczko, […]

Articulate how exhibitions operate for contemporary art, clearly presenting responses that are imaginative, rigorous and nuanced.

Present evidence of a high level of independent, scholarly research. Critically analyse a range of textual and non-textual sources concerning art exhibitions in a variety of contexts. Articulate how exhibitions operate for contemporary art, clearly presenting responses that are imaginative, rigorous and nuanced.

Which style/period appeals to you most? Why? Which particular work of art did you like best? Why were you drawn to this particular work?

The Nelson Museum Visit and Reflection The Nelson Atkins in Kansas City is a world class art museum, with a truly wonderful collection spanning all time periods and genres. My personal favorite is the Caravaggio and the Impressionist/Post Impressionist collection. The Egyptian collection is stunning as well. Admission is free, however special exhibits may cost, […]

What influences from the past do you hear in the music? Why did you like or dislike the performance?

Concert report You will attend a live or virtual concert and write a paper of at least 600 words describing the music you heard and the experience you had. Please include the following: Attach a copy of the program, if there was one. Name of the artist(s), location, date. What was the genre of the […]

What is represented in the work? If the work contains figural or other representation, how is the figure represented?

Visual analysis 2 Visit one of the virtual museum tours posted on Blackboard, and choose one work in the virtual exhibition that interests you. Imagine that you are describing your selected artwork to a friend. Carefully observe the selected work and write a visual analysis on your selected artwork. Your visual analysis should be two […]

Describe the style attributes. Guide your reader’s eye around the work by describing specifics.  Are there style borrowings from the ancient world? How has the artist created an illusion of deep space and a tangible world?

Choose one of the following thematic options, and find one piece of art for one of the following trends: ⦁ Artistic borrowing from the ancient Greco-Roman world. A work by Brunelleschi, Donatello, or Michelangelo might make a good choice. ⦁ The artistic skills used to convincingly recreate optical perception. A painting would be a good choice […]

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