Record the main components of active learning in environmental education. Explain the historical development of environmental education in Kenya.

LESSON 1: THE NEED FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Identify environmental issues round your home area, which have come about as a result of environmental degradation. By the end of this lesson you should be able to; Explain the factors that necessitated the introduction of environmental education. Define the terms; environment, and environmental education. Describe the approaches […]

Where is gender more salient? Less? How so? And why do you think that is? How does this shape your experiences?

Higher education as a gendered institution.Sociology We’ve introduced the idea that education is a gendered institution governed by norms and policies and that the salience of gender often ebbs and flows across different contexts, activities, and spaces. Consider the particular organization in which you are now embedded: college. Brainstorm the ways in which your college […]

Provide evidence from Alinsky’s writings on the importance of education in the fight against social injustice.

Is fighting injustice a matter of A. Briefly introduce the topic of the essay and its importance. B. Provide background information on the role of education in fighting injustice. C. State the thesis of the essay. II. The role of education in fighting injustice according to Marx A. Explain Marx’s theory of education as a […]

Identify the three separate employers with current job vacancies that interest you. Discuss the following information for each employer: Name of organization.

While the Inquiry Rational paper was the opportunity for students to begin to critically think about future career and higher education opportunities from a broad perspective, the Project Report is a more in-depth exploration and point of discovery toward a focused plan of action for each student’s future in career and business. The purpose of […]

Choose your top 3 favorites. Choose topics that interest you. Put them in order.

Topic Choice Instructions Review the 6 TED Talks below. Choose your top 3 favorites. Choose topics that interest you. Put them in order. For example, if you are most interested in the TED Talk about food, list that as your number 1 choice. If the TED Talk about immigration is your second favorite, put that […]

Select a subset of students who completed the survey for individual interviews. Conduct individual interviews with the selected students virtually using video conferencing software.

AMPT/470 Wk 5 Research Proposal Research Question: How does digital learning impact student engagement, learning outcomes, and overall academic performance in K-12 education? Literature Review: The literature review will focus on exploring the impact of digital learning on student engagement, motivation, and academic performance. The review will begin with an examination of the theoretical underpinnings […]

Create a digital newsletter for families of ELLs to explain assessment practices.

Assessing English Language Learners Communication with families of ELLs can be challenging but it is vital for student success and family engagement. Many families may be unfamiliar with the standard practices of education in this country. Understanding assessment and how assessment data is used can be particularly difficult to discuss depending on the families’ previous […]

How does the environment affect obtaining education? Provide at least three examples from the article.

Students will read the following article correlating to the week’s topic and write areaction paper following the prompts given by the Instructor. Reaction paper should be 1-2 pages and follow American Psychological Association (APA) formatting with proper grammar and syntax. 1. The article discusses that even in countries where there is a high number […]

Thinking back, were there differences in the language you used at home growing up versus what you heard and saw at school? Did this disparity have any effect on you?

Language at Home vs. The classroom Language is a vital part of education. Thinking back, were there differences in the language you used at home growing up versus what you heard and saw at school? Did this disparity have any effect on you? Now think about your work. Do you work in a linguistically diverse […]

Write at least one paragraph for each state noting the following—What is each state saying about policy? Legislative news? What seems to be the focus or what seems to be important?

Understand the state department of education/higher education This week, you will examine the state’s role in educational policy at the PK-12 or higher education level. Access the website for your state’s department of PK-12 education or higher education based on your professional preference. Every state should have a website for each of these organizations. Some […]

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