What is your clinical decision making and rationale on acute pharmaceutical management? What do you order, and when might you adjust your treatment plan?

You are managing a 75-year-old male who developed a new onset atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response at the rate of 180–220, thought to perhaps be new over the last few days and intermittent in nature. He is currently a bit short of breath and lightheaded when ambulating. What is your clinical decision making and […]

Explain the pathogenesis causing the clinical manifestations with which Mrs Brown presented

Mrs Brown, a 78 year-old female, was admitted to the Emergency Department at 6am after waking up with severe breathlessness. Her family informed you that the patient has a history of heart failure that had been diagnosed two years ago. On admission to the Emergency Department the clinical manifestations were: Severe dyspnoea Respiratory rate of […]

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