How much time must elapse before the activity of the source is reduced by 45%?What is the effective decay constant?

Applied Nuclear Physics Homework 9 1. Determine the effective half-life and the effective decay constant for each pair of physical and biological half-lives. (a) t1/2(phy) = 2.40 minutes and t1/2(bio) = 4.50 minutes; (b) t1/2(phy) = 18.3 hours and t1/2(bio) = 5.73 hours; (c) t1/2(phy) = 5.30 days and t1/2(bio) = 14.5 days. 2. What […]

Pick any contemporary or historical conflict.Do entangling alliances explain the outbreak of World War I? Did interservice rivalry cause Japan to choose war in 1941?Discuss

For paper one, explain why a war broke out. Pick any contemporary or historical conflict. It can be a war between states, an international intervention in a civil conflict, or an internal civil war. The outbreak of fighting, or a significant change in the fighting, is the thing you want to explain (i.e., your dependent […]

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