Write a 1-page reflection on what you thought of the book What did you like, not like? What surprised you? What did you see coming? Did it meet your expectations? What did you think of the author’s style? Would you recommend it? Who would like this book? Explain your responses.

Choose a a YA or adult book , fiction or nonfiction, to read on your own time. Pick something you’ll enjoy. Browse here if you don’t already have a reading list, or take atrip to your local library. Before you read: Briefly research the author and write a paragraph biographical summary. Don’t just copy what’s […]

Describe the process and who would be involved in the creation of a vision statement.

• Vision Statement: Select a school’s current vision/purpose statement and report what it is. These are typically available on a school’s/district’s website or in the policy manuals/handbooks. • Evaluate the Vision: Evaluate the statement, commenting on its strengths and weaknesses. This section must be 200 words. To assist you in evaluating the vision/purpose statement, consider […]

What drills should be periodically conducted to ensure the appropriate individuals are knowledgeable of key plan elements?

Answer the following questions in a memo of 10 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. Your memo should be documented in APA style. You are responsible for maintaining disaster response and recovery plans for your organization. Which agencies would be involved in a man-made terrorist disaster? Which agencies would be involved in a natural […]

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