What is the traditional definition of racism and what are the sources of this traditional definition? Why is it particularly challenging to move beyond an ‘individualistic’ understanding of racism?

Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination Class- Racism in the Structure of Everyday Read the article and then answer the questions to the best of your ability. No need to add cover page or references Reading Guide for Racism in the Structure of Everyday Worlds: A cultural psychology perspective by Salter, Adams, & Perez (2018) What is […]

Analyze whether your perception of conflict, based on what you have listed and what you have read, is an accurate perception and whether it can positively contribute to your success in conflict resolution.

Background Parties to the conflict (primary, secondary, interested others, including groups) Context (issues – needs, interests, positions based; conflict dynamics – antecedents, stereotyping) Resolution potential (alternative routes to a solution, limiting factors, techniques of management) The finished product should be a one-page form you can complete any time you are confronted with a conflict. If […]

Provide a link to an article or news story that illustrates some of the negative effects of gender biasing and briefly discuss the implications of the article/story you have posted.

A”gender lightbulb moment” is a time you became aware of being treated differently because of your gender. For example, a girl not being allowed to play football, or a boy being told he shouldn’t play with dolls. It could encompass anything from the toys you were allowed to play with, being aware of different rules […]

Do you believe that gender stereotyping in marketing leads to discrimination? Could this have an effect on how employees perceive the company? Do you think companies should consider how they market their products as part of their diversity efforts? Explain.

Participate in this discussion to explore stereotyping and the impact it may have on the company’s diversity strategy. On the Discussion Forum, post a 300-word response to the following question(s)/prompt(s); include at least one APA-formatted citation/reference to a source from this lesson: Discussion Question The European Parliament recently voted 504 to 110 to scold companies […]

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