Conduct a Community Assessement of the City

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Community Assessment Worsheet
You will note that the survey asks you to talk to residents: please do not leave this step out! The people in the community know more about it than you can learn from walking/driving through.

Be sensible about whom you talk with and what is going on around you, and be respectful. You may find varying perspectives from different members of the community – this adds to the depth of your findings.
Common sources of data to supplement the windshield survey include: US Census data, Chamber of Commerce, community libraries, social service agencies, RTD, US Department of Labor, your state Department of Public Health and Department of Education, police and fire departments, local public health agencies, local stores.
You must address each required subsection of the survey, but the questions that are included on the worksheet are to be used as a guideline only. You might want to include additional information to address your specific location.

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