Write a 4000 word, evidence based assignment proposing a planned change in clinical nursing practice.

TRNP Guidelines Dec 2018v11Transition to Registered Nursing Practice –Assessment Guidance.

Write a 4000 word, evidence based assignment proposing a planned change in clinical nursing practice.

Your work should demonstrate a planned approach to implementing a small scale change in nursing clinical practice.•

This could include something you may have had experience of on placement and think could be done differently or improved;or something you have read about and think could be taken back to practice and implemented with a team.

Your proposed change should be realistic and achievable in your chosen healthcare setting. You should include:

A clear, convincing androbust rationale for your proposed change. This is should be written in a persuasive, academic style. Imagine you are writing this proposal for your clinical work colleagues (your audience) and think about how you might persuade them to change an aspect of practice.

You may wish to approach this assessment as if you were writing a proposal for the manager of the clinical area. An understanding of the concept of change in today’s healthcare settings, includingpotential barriers to change. Analyse the professional and organisational issues that influence team working, leadership and change management in the NHS.

Evaluate the professional, legal and moral principles which underpinsafe, accountable and autonomous practice. Demonstrate understanding and analysis of key models/ theories of change management. With a clear rationale for your choice, choose oneof these models/ theories and apply the model to your proposed change. You can apply any model but you may wish to consider one of the models/processes specifically designed for use in the NHS such as PDSA. A clear, comprehensive action plan demonstrating how your change will be implemented in practice should be included.

This should include amongst other things timeframe and evaluation. We do not recommend a specific template for this as it will depend on your proposed change. Additional Information You may wish to utilise headings to structure your work.The action plan should incorporated be in the main body of the essay;it should be concise but not overlong.

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