Analyse the experience of work in a particular occupation.

We need to “analyse the experience of work in a
particular occupation”.
I have chosen the occupation of property, housing and estate management industry and used the company Knight Frank.

Your project should demonstrate:
a) Knowledge of conceptual and theoretical issues, as demonstrated by the inclusion of
appropriately referenced academic literature.
b) The collection/production and analysis of (primary or secondary) data appropriate
for addressing the selected topic (see below for choice of topics and possible types
of data).

Your project should address ONE of the following five topics – the sub-questions are
meant as prompts/ideas. It is not expected that all sub-questions are addressed in any
one project: ( This full description is in the assessment criteria – i believe topic 1 (Control and autonomy in the labour process) and 2 (Social relations between workers and clients) are best suited for this topic i choose)

What to include in your project. (again attached to additional materials)
A. Introduction – Overview of the occupation/setting (100 words
B. Literature Review – Brief overview of the topic. (600 words approx)
C. Research Process – A brief discussion of the methods that you have employed to produce the data used and any ethical or methodological issues. (300 words approx) (I HAVE CHOSEN CONTENT ANALYSIS AND ALL THE EMPLOYEE REVIEWS ARE IN THE ADDITIONAL MATERIALS AND WILL NEED TO BE USED IN THE ANALYSIS)
D. Analysis – Use your data to address your topic. Make sure that you relate your data to the academic literature discussed in section B. (1100 words approx)
E. Conclusion – Sum up what you’ve found: What is most interesting? For instance, where have your findings corroborated others’ findings? Have you found anything
that contrasts with previous studies? Highlight questions that are left unanswered that you think would be interesting to answer in future research. (300 words approx)
F. Other material (not included in word count):
• Bibliography
• If relevant: appendices containing any charts or images discussed in the text
• If relevant: appendices containing material from the research process For example, surveys, interview schedules, information sheets, consent forms, etc.

I will also link sources that need to be used because it needs to include academic literature that has been used throughout my module.


– An introduction to the sociology of work and occupations
Book by Volti, Rudi c2012 ( i cant attach it but it is on google so you can see preview)

-The sociology of work Book by Keith Grint; Darren Nixon 2015

-Work and society: sociological approaches, themes and methods. Book by Tim Strangleman; Tim Strangleman; Tracey Warren c2008

-Responsible Autonomy Versus Direct Control Over the Labour Process in Capital & Class Article by Friedman, A. (this is attached)

-Out of balance or just out of bounds? in Work less, live more?: critical analysis of the work-life boundary
Chapter by C. Warhurst; D.R. Eikhof; A. Hunschild 2008

-Ross, John P. (04.2017). “It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times The Expiration of Work–Life Balance”. Journal of management inquiry (1056-4926), 26 (2), p. 202.

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