Strategic response to addressing HIV/AIDS , focusing on one key affected population

Task description
Provide a comprehensive strategic response to addressing HIV/AIDS within Nigeria, focusing on one key affected population This report needs to be a thorough analysis, encompassing an integrated and comprehensive set of recommendations for addressing the specific needs of that group. It will need to be backed up by the academic literature and evidence. Your report ought to address issues and appropriate responses within each of the four pillars identified (Stigma, discrimination and the law; and HIV treatment, care and support).
What to address
1. In-depth understanding of the social, cultural and political impact of HIV on one key affected population in your country of choice.
2. Ability to articulate clearly the issues relating to the key affected population.
3. Ability to critically assess your country’s response to these issues in relation to all four pillars identified in this course.
4. Ability to propose a strategic public health response to this issue.
Criteria to be assessed
It will be assessed against the following criteria:
1. Relevance of your work
2. Work responds directly to the assigned task
3. Describes the issues and problems affecting the key affected population based on evidence from the literature
4. Proposes a thorough and effective response to HIV for the key affected population based on the identified issues, evidence for effective strategies, as well as taking into consideration the unique circumstances of the country, and which encompasses all four pillars (stigma, discrimination, and the law, and HIV treatment, care and support).
5. Evidence of critical understanding
6. Conclusions are supported by evidence and argument
7. Intellectual coherence of your work
8. Logical flow of ideas
9. Presentation is clear and concise
10. Referencing is accurate
You can mention strategies that have been successfully implemented in other countries as a suggestion for strengthening the National Strategic Plans to support our claims

National Strategic Plan will be attached to the document for use.

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