Determine what variables affect workplace happiness and engagement.

The Statistics Project assignment has been broken down into multiple parts and you will complete these parts throughout the course. This week’s assignment allows you to become familiar with opening data and viewing it in Microsoft® Excel® and using the Analysis Toolpak. In research, the individual data points are entered into databases, but for the purpose of this course, the data is provided in a spreadsheet for you in the .
Imagine you have been asked to enhance workplace happiness and engagement at your company. You have conducted a survey and gathered data on the gender, age, relationship with direct supervisor, telecommute schedule, relationship with coworkers, along with the ratings for workplace happiness and workplace engagement for 50 individuals in your department. You must determine what variables affect workplace happiness and engagement. The first step is to run descriptive statistics on each variable to learn more about the data you have collected.
Calculate descriptive statistics for the following variables in the provided Microsoft® Excel® dataset:
Relationship with Direct Supervisor
Telecommute Schedule
Relationship with Coworkers
Workplace Happiness Rating
Workplace Engagement Rating
Write a 125-word summary of your interpretation of the descriptive results for each variable. Copy and paste the Microsoft® Excel® output below your summary.
Format your summary according to APA guidelines.
Submit your Assignment.
Note: Frequency tables are best used for nominal and ordinal variables. Other descriptive information (e.g., means and standard deviations) are best used with interval and ratio data.

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