Rewrite the following sections in the right order, and in APA format (7th edition).

Rewrite the following sections in the right order, and in APA format (7th edition). You may find that some sections are interchangeable (that is, it doesn’t really matter which one comes before the other), but others must go in a specific order. Once you figure out the order, refer to what you’ve learned about APA headings to help with formatting.

Anxiety Measure
Depression Measure

Part 4.1
This is an abstract of a scientific paper. Please write two good titles for this paper in APA format (7th edition). You may wish to refer back to the lecture slides to ensure you’re following all of the recommendations for good titles. If one of your titles is too similar to the real title (see p. 520 in your textbook on avoiding plagiarism), you will get 0 points for this part.

“Cancer patients often develop chronic, clinically significant symptoms of depression and anxiety. Previous studies suggest that psilocybin may decrease depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

The effects of psilocybin were studied in 51 cancer patients with life-threatening diagnoses and symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. This randomized, double-blind, cross-over trial investigated the effects of a very low (placebo-like) dose (1 or 3 mg/70 kg) vs. a high dose (22 or 30 mg/70 kg) of psilocybin administered in counterbalanced sequence with 5 weeks between sessions and a 6-month follow-up. Instructions to participants and staff minimized expectancy effects.

Participants, staff, and community observers rated participant moods, attitudes, and behaviors throughout the study. High-dose psilocybin produced large decreases in clinician- and self-rated measures of depressed mood and anxiety, along with increases in quality of life, life meaning, and optimism, and decreases in death anxiety.

At 6-month follow-up, these changes were sustained, with about 80% of participants continuing to show clinically significant decreases in depressed mood and anxiety. Participants attributed improvements in attitudes about life/self, mood, relationships, and spirituality to the high-dose experience, with >80% endorsing moderately or greater increased well-being/life satisfaction. Community observer ratings showed corresponding changes.

Mystical-type psilocybin experience on session day mediated the effect of psilocybin dose on therapeutic outcomes.”

Part 4.2
Using one of the titles you developed in part 4.1, create a title page for a student paper in APA format (7th edition). Pretend that you are the author, the paper is an assignment for this class, and it’s due today.

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