Is Bitch Planet a thoughtful commentary on white privilege or is it well-intentioned, but racist in its portrayals and presentations of its black characters?

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De Connick is a white woman writing about black women and other women of colour. Looking at the story of Bitch Planet and how de Connick chooses to present her characters, do you think that De Connick is attacking white privilege or using her own white privilege? In other words, do her characters and their situations come across as authentic (attacking white privilege) or as stereotypes (using her own white privilege). Note: De Landro, the artist, is a black man.
If you want to write about Bitch Planet, but want to focus on other issues such as feminism, you may do so.
Write an essay of approximately 1250 to 1500 words on one of the following topics. The essay should be formatted in compliance with APA format. All in-text and References citations must also be in APA format.

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