The economic implication and ripple effect of COVID-19 on Saudi Arabia and how the government response to the crisis?

The research questions
The economic implication and ripple effect of COVID-19 on Saudi Arabia and how the government response to the crisis?

Description of proposed chapters.

1. Abstract (200-300)
This part will give the reader a better view of what to expect in this study and will be the last part to write because it should give the reader a clear view of what to expect of this paper.

2. Introduction (1500-2000)
This part will include a brief about COVID-19 around the world and brief about Saudi Arabia and the government situation and the economic situation. Also, it will include a description about the study and what would be included such the research question and the structure of this research. In addition, this part will include the goal of this study and what the expected result. And that should include Explaining how the methods used will meet the research objective.

3. Literature review (2000-3000)
Will be summarizing an existing research about how governments react to crisis and pandemic and how that could affect the economy. Therefore, because COVID-19 is new and there are not too many researches, an existing research of relevant crisis would help to summarize and discuses.

4. Methodology (1500-2000)
This part will include all the methods and approaches used in this research. And the analysis methods used (Systematic way to collect and analysis data “research methods” themes. Ext). This research will be using different sources to present this case, government websites, national news, international news, experts’ announcement and studies, and journals and articles …ext. The method used in this research would be Case Study methods (qualitative method only). That should include a justification why Case study methods is the best approach.

5. Presenting the case (2500-3000)
In the part the case will be presented by creating a timeline of the events happened since the pandemic start in Saudi Arabia following the government decision and announcement.
– Social restriction
– Investment decision through PIF and soft bank
– Oil war
– Health care system
– Taxes (VAT increased from 5% to 15%)
– Extra….

6. Discussion – results of the above actions (2500-3000)
This part will be discussing the result and analysing all the events happened and giving a deep analysis of the government action to the pandemic.

7. Conclusion (1500-2000)
This part will conclude the finding and have a summary to lead the finding of the study question.

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