What role does power play within the cultures presented in this film? Does media play a role in how these the characters experience their cultures in this film?

COMS 356 Extra Credit Assignment You will probably need access to Netflix or a place where you can rent the following film. If you don’t have Netflix it is possible to start a week long free trial without any charges. You need to watch the movie “Hot Fuzz” starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. After […]

Discuss a time someone has relationally transgressed against you. Was it a minor or major transgression .

Aggression Verbal hostility Physical violence As you think about transgressions you’ve experienced, you will recognize that there are several dimensions to each one. Some are deliberate. Some are unintentional. Some are a one time thing, verses incremental or repetitive. 1. Discuss a time someone has relationally transgressed against you. Was it a minor or major […]

Which ones do you use and why are they helpful to you? Why? How will you revise your outline to write your full plan?

com 510 Week 5 Discussion – Communication Skills and Editing Now that we are half-way through the course, share what you have learned about your communication skills. In addition, since you are going to be working on revising your outlines to write your final proposals, what do you think about revision? The novelist, John Irving […]

Why is social media an important advertising strategy? How do advertisers target young people with ads for dangerous things and show perfect people with unrealistic lifestyles?

You have used at least SIX sources in the essay. Your essay is 8-10 pages long . Use these links, https://business.adobe.com/blog/basics/smm-benefits https://digital.gov/2022/10/18/6-important-factors-to-consider-for-digital-advertising-in-government/ https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/393820 https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02650487.2017.1411056 https://edubirdie.com/examples/does-advertising-and-media-impact-self-image-self-worth-or-self-esteem-of-the-women/ https://sundial.csun.edu/11348/archive/effectsofadvertisingonselfesteem/ https://cosmeticsbusiness.com/news/article_page/Metas_new_rules_restrict_advertisers_access_to_teenagers_data_on_social/206059Links to an external site https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/jan/10/facebook-and-instagram-to-tighten-restrictions-around-teenagers-data https://blog.gitnux.com/social-media-self-esteem-statistics/ Answer those questions with the links provided. and use the paragraph as the thesis Provide works cited page in MLA format Can […]

How has this shaped the understanding of what it means to be gendered and sexed by media?

This essay will be about Drawing interests in the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, and media. Questions to stimulate your topic selection: What types of messages do you receive about sex and gender roles from media? Is it possible to avoid them? How? How has this shaped the understanding of what it means to be […]

Which one needs improvement? Think about a personal relationship that you have or had. Which personal conflict styles do you use most often and how does it affect the relationship.

Introspection-Response 4 Instructions The assignment needs to be 380-400 words long without the assignment description. Review and use terms discussed about conflict styles in textbook on pages 327-336. Use own examples and not use sources from websites or other sources except textbook. You need to double space Links to an external site. the assignment. Questions […]

How are they likely feeling and reacting to the current issue(s) facing the company?

Strategic Communications Plan for Nestle Buitoni Organization analysis Nestle Nestle Buitoni 1) The Situation Analysis (4 pages): Fully assesses the situation affecting the company and its current/potential impact on the organization’s results, operations, reputation, and the attitudes, commitment, and engagement of key publics , including employees Situation: A detailed description of the issue or event; […]

How did conflict form between two characters? What were the coming apart/together stages that you witnessed? How to intercultural competency improve over time between two or more characters?

Oral Communication Spring Term 2023 Choose one of the following films to watch on your own time. Make notes as you watch that relate back to the chapters we have explored as a class. Based on the movie, try to answer the following questions: How did conflict form between two characters? What were the coming […]

Create a one-page, infographic to demonstrate your personal leadership credo. it is about your leadership philosophy. You can use technology such as Canva, PPT, or Word to create a one-page expression of your learning.

Read then write This activity gives you the opportunity to consider your leadership style, values, attitudes, behaviors, and norms that will guide how you will lead others and how you will lead intentionally—strategically. Morrie seemed to grasp the notion that his leadership was of value to others, even in his final days. What do you […]

Write one (1) paragraph for each area. Each of the four (4) paragraphs must have detail and depth. Proofread each paragraph before submitting your entry. What area is important for you?

Read textbook and answer questions Assignment 2ARead the following chapters Part One Chapter One Public and Private Families (p3) Chapter Two The History of the Family (p35) Assignment 2B Choose two (2) important areas for each chapter you feel would be relevant for other colleagues to know. Write one (1) paragraph for each area. Each […]

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